The #PandaCrew

The #PandaCrew is a movement driven by branded swag, to create a global community of individuals taking action. It is designed to inspire the youth, and anyone who is willing and able, to assist where they can – be it through the #PandaCrew or their own actions. We aim to help the young and old alike, without any prejudice or judgement.

This is how we get it done

Our mission is simple: No one gets left behind, no one gets singled out and no one goes without help. We aim to help wherever we can, especially where we see a dire need for assistance. Whether it’s uplifting a community or helping an individual, we want to make a difference and provide assistance wherever we can.

How we see it

Our vision is to assist where we can, from maintaining an infrastructure to feeding a hungry mouth, from clothing a two-legged friend to caring for a four-legged friend. We aim to become a recognisable establishment, known for helping which any one can be a part of by simply giving their time and effort.

Matwala’s Children’s Home

Elizabeth and Queen are looking after 24 children of different ages. The house they live in has 3 bedrooms and a converted garage where some of the children sleep. Everyone shares 1 bathroom. These kids are all victims of abuse, orphaned or have been abandoned, but you will never meet more accepting and loving children…

Matwala’s Children’s Home
78 Frikkie Meyer Boulevard,
1911 Vanderbijlpark,
South Africa

Panda / Founder
John Doe

Sebastian Schütte

I am the founder of the #PandaCrew and a strong believer in making a change in this world we live in. Everyone deserves to be loved and feel important and I do my utmost to make a difference no matter how small or big in any one person’s life. I feel so strongly toward the #PandaCrew as it is purely about helping others and making sure no one gets left behind. To see the qualities that my mother has installed in me and raised me on, to always have space in my heart for those who need it, to see this in everyone I help and get to work with, keeps her that much closer. There is a lot of good that is needed in the world, and it takes one person to make a single change to get the ball rolling. I wish to inspire others whilst living a passion of mine to touch others’ lives.

Founder / Member
Jane Helf

Barry Swart

My goal in life is as simple as this, I just want to help and never let any person alive feel unappreciated. I see life differently, I always work every morning to make the day special looking for the “WOW” moments and trying to build the people around me. I don’t see the glass as half empty of half full, I see an opportunity to add to it or start over. I create visual creations every day and being part of the #PandaCrew I want to create something that will go on way after I’m gone. So I leave you with this. Have you smiled today? If not, do it now. The day is not over, do it now.

Joshua Insanus

Lloyd Loots

I am a diverse individual who is an audit clerk and currently completing his BCom Accounting Degree and articles in Pretoria, South Africa. He suffers from permanent, self-induced resfeber and is an avid traveler at heart, who has had a passion for photography from his primary school days when he received his first camera at the age of 7. Lloyd is a lover of fashion and has appeared on the red carpet at MBFWJ, SAFW and various other designer showcases since 2009. This is what led him to start his own fashion, lifestyle and entertainment blog, entitled “As Seen By Lloyd” in his ‘spare time’ during 2014. Since then he has written articles and reviews on fashion, events and movies alike. Not only does he blog, but he is also a social media fanatic on Twitter and Facebook.

Joshua Insanus

Johann Coetzee

Johann Coetzee is a 25 year old student , currently in his last year for interior design at Greenside design Center , he was born in Middelburg Mpumalanga and was inspired by his family especially his mother that is an active person in their local community. My aim to be a better person every day, I always wanted to be part of something bigger, from a young age I saw the need of the community and was always willing to help were I can, being part of the #PandaCrew allows me as a person to grow in the community, to help those who can’t help themselves, It’s not about what you have, but rather about who you are and where you can make a difference as a person.

Joshua Insanus

Janus Prinsloo

A visionary. A dream so big people would laugh. But it's this very dream that drives him. Since a youngster he has known that there is something bigger to aspire for; "to represent the idea of posibility." It all sounds like your typical high school speech. But to him, it's in his heart. Thoroughly believing one can do whatever you put your mind to. "I'm human, just like you. But I choose to give it my all. I choose to exceed and break limits. Brick by brick - that's how you build change. We were given this life, so LIVE it. And when you are blessed - be a blessing."

Joshua Insanus

Flo Band

The #PandaCrew even has a band which has joined in with the #Pandamonium.
Flo is a modern South African Acoustic/Alternative Rock band that has a sound with European roots. Their all inspiring lyrics in songs written by the band members follow the one lesson in life with the honesty of music.
Lead Vocalist & Pianist – Florian Gallant
Drums – Benjamin Gallant
Guitar – Christiaan Rabie
Bass – Christo Smuts
Our vision is to write more than music, more than just a song. And to capture in width and depth what we want to express through music. We love the strong build ups, and the glaring choruses. FLO band is very live orientated and so we aim to give the most Epic experience at our live shows. We don't just want to give them a great time, we want to have one ourselves with them. We are just a bunch of humble guys, who love making music together.


#PandaCrew Swag means a lot to us. When you choose #PandaCrew Swag, we donate 100% of the profit to charities identified.

Banking Detail For all the #Swag
Standard Bank
Account number: 01-455-165-9
Branch code: 051001
Account type: Savings

We believe that NO 1 gets left behind, NO matter what.


We are planning a lot of events and projects in which you can get involved. To find out more about what we are planning next keep your eye on this site or like us on FaceBook to be invited to our #PandaMonium.

Ledibohong Revamp

And so to cause some true #Pandamonium, we set out to change the lives of the 53 children and 3 teachers at the Ledibohong Primary School situated 19km out of Sasolburg.

Along with the Sasolburg Methodist Church (SMC) we started with probably the biggest project that we have ever taken on.

So Thurday - 23 July 2015, close to midnight, the #PandaCrew set out out to Sasolburg from Pretoria as to ensure that we get an early morning start. With very little sleep, nothing was stopping us today and the #Pandamonium would surely continue. The loading equipment, paint and supplies in vehicles started as the daunting weather approached.

Arriving at the school you could see the children's heads poking out over the windows to see who had just arrived and suddenly you could hear the excitement of the children as they started making noise when the convoy of 20 cars pulled in at the school.

Split into groups and assigned classrooms, we were ready for the #Pandamonium that was about to happen. You could feel everyone in the room was ready to make things happen. Everywhere people were painting walls, window frames & desks. We even had a faithful twitter follower there as our carpenter for the day and spent the whole day repairing desks and chairs and building new shelves for the classrooms.

We are far from finished with this project and it will be an ongoing project of ours for a long time to come. If you want to get involved, or want more information on the #PandaCrew and the projects that we are involved with and how you could get involved and help us make sure that #NoOneGetsLeftBehind drop us a mail:

Read the full story here.

Marcelle van Vuuren

On 20 December 2014, Marcelle was in a serious car accident, which resulted in both her legs being amputated. When we heard her story, we immediately knew that this was definitely a woman we needed to support.

Life as a double-amputee is not easy, however, Marcelle has taken on the challenges of her new lifestyle with a smile. Her optimism is inspiring. She is currently undergoing rehabilitation at the Muelmed Mediclinic, Pretoria and learning how to go about her daily routine without the use of her legs. We arranged a surprise #PandaCrew visit to the hospital and showered her with gifts including the very first piece of #PandaCrewSwag.

Our aim was to thank her for inspiring as all and commend her positive attitude. As an added bonus, our band Flo rocked out in her hospital room and serenaded her.

Revamping the Vanderbijlpark SPCA #RAK15

True to the #PandaCrew motto; “No one gets left behind.” Not even the animals. The guys from the #PandaCrew have decided to support those who have no voice.

The #PandaCrew gave up a Sunday and spent the day out at the Vanderbijlpark SPCA. The guys offloaded 23 blankets, approximately 180kg of dog food, toys for the dogs, cleaning detergents, cement, polyfilla, shelving and naturally the paint used by the #PandaCrew on the day along with a cash donation for the SPCA to use for other items they needed.

The time for the #PandaCrew's inner artists to emerge had arrived. The guys proceeded to scrape down walls to prepare them for a fresh coat of paint. Everyone was doing something and painting walls with rollers and brushes alike. New shelving in the cattery was put up.

At the end of the day one of the guys had this to say "Somewhere around midday it became quiet for a couple of minutes - which rarely happens with all of us together. At this moment, while everyone was busy painting and cleaning kennels, I realised how special this is. No one had to be there. No one was forced. No one was asked. Each of these guys spent their Sunday making a difference because they wanted to." And how true is that. Each of the #PandaCrew members involved loved being there every moment and doing whatever we were doing. It was such a humbling experience with such an amazing group of people.

Read the full story of how the day went here.

This year, #RAKnominations launched under the banner of #RAK15 and Brent is asking everyone to “change one thing” and in so doing, “change everything”. - Read more
22 February 2015

Matwala’s Children’s Home

Elizabeth and Queen are two very humble ladies that have taken it upon themselves to look after and take care of 24 children, with ages ranging from 1 year old to 16 years old. The small house in which they live, has only 3 bedrooms. When space started becoming somewhat of a problem, it was decided that the only current option was to convert the old garage into another room where some of the older children can have more place to sleep. Everyone who lives in this house needs to share the only bathroom they currently have.

The children that are currently being cared for, are all children that are all victims of abuse, have been orphaned or have been abandoned. However, you will never meet more accepting and loving children. This is why we have chosen to take it into our hands and spread the #Pandamonium here. During one of our first visits to the home, the #PandaCrew held a Christmas Party for these children. The #PandaCrew arrived at the home with lots of toys, face paint, groceries, cupcakes, goodie bags and gifts for every child at the home. We believe that every child deserves to open a gift on Christmas morning and so we wanted to give each of them something to open on Christmas morning. When school started in the beginning of 2015, the #PandaCrew made up stationery packs for each child with some of the basic necessities for school that they would get to use. A representative from the #PandaCrew returns to the home on a monthly basis to drop off some more basic supplies that they need to survive the month.
22 December 2014

See what we do?

#PandaCrew Passion


Cancer survivor and fighter, Sebastiaan Schutte (Panda - Founder of the PandaCrew), tells us his story about his fight against cancer.
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"Education is the most poweful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

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